Lyla F13

The evil Lyla

Lyla (Lesleh Donaldson) is the main villainess from "The Great Montarro," episode 1.06 Friday the 13th: The Series (airdate November 7, 1987). She is the verbally abused daughter of the titular Great Montarro, who was preparing his latest trick, The Coffin of Blood.

The trick revolves around the performer entering a coffin and surviving being stabbed with a dozen falling knives. Unbeknownst to Montarro, part of the trick involves the cursed Houdin Box, and a person had to be in the box for the performer to survive. The victim in the box feels the knives instead and dies instantly. Micki sees Lyla being abused by Montarro and comforts her, and later in the episode, she tells Lyla that her father is behind the deaths and is well aware of the Houdin Box's curse. Lyla later brings her down to the basement and shows her the box, which has blood all over the inside. Micki is disgusted by the sight of the blood, but at that moment, Lyla turned heel and locked Micki inside; cackling maniacally at her shocked intended victim.

After revealing herself as the villainess, the evil Lyla boldly admitted everything to Micki. She was behind the acquiring of the box, getting it by killing its last owner, a magician known as Fahteem the Magnificent, who used it to perform the same trick, which he called, "The Cabinet of Doom." She also killed Fahteem's assistant, Robert Simpson, who attempted to acquire the object. According to Lyla, not even Montarro knows about her evil schemes, and she said that no one would get in her way of getting to the top. After mocking Micki, Lyla cackled evilly once again and left her in the cursed object. Ryan and Jack also figure out that Lyla is the real culprit and they discover that Micki is in the Houdin Box in the basement, just as the Coffin of Blood trick is about to be performed. They get Micki out of the box, and as a result, the knives kill Montarro, causing Lyla to scream in pained agony.