The lovely Madame Olinsky.

Madame Natasha Olinsky is a Communist spy from The Monkees episode The Spy Who Came In From The Cool. She is out to steal a top secret microfilm from British Intelligence. The beautiful, but hapless villainess is played by the lovely Arlene Martel.

Natasha uses a music store as a front, which is not only is under surveillance by the CIA, but her bumbling henchmen accidently sell a pair of maracas, in which the stolen microfilm is concealed, to a some stoners in a British rock band.

The spies infiltrate the nightclub where the band is playing, but the band escapes by a ruse. Natasha then uses her considerable great looks to seduce a member of the band. While together, she arranges a fight as diversion. The CIA raids the club during the fight, and captures the spies, but the beautiful villainess escapes in the confusion with the microfilm.

Madame Olinsky arrives in Red China in triumph and runs the secret film at a meeting of intelligence officials. Then, to her horror, she finds---too late---that the stoners had substituted one of their silly music videos for the microfilm.

The Chinese authorities devise a unique punishment for Natasha. She's bound and gagged in a chair and left alone to watch the film she'd brought!


Setting out on her mission...


Her first attempt to retrieve the secret film...


Looking great in tight jeans...


Another attempt...


Natasha strikes again


The secret film recovered!


Her moment of triumph?


A humiliated beauty.

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