Evil Madge

Eve Gordon as the evil Madge

Madge (Eve Gordon) is a villainess from "Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank," episode 6.12 of Monk (airdate January 18, 2008). She is one of the villainous bank tellers at West Bay Trust Bank, along with Leon, Jasmine, Tiffany, and Gloria, and five of them, along with bank president Peter Crawley, colluded together to rob their own bank.  

As Monk would later state in his summation, each person had a role to play. In the case of Madge, she played the actual gun wielding robber, with a Russian accent, and she held Crawley at gunpoint and later shot Jasmine before committing the robbery, making Madge the lead villainess. As for Jasmine being shot, the six of them drew straws (toothpicks) and Jasmine drew the short straw, thus she had to be the one to be shot to make the set-up look good. Crawley was later murdered after the heist, most likely because he broke a supposed pact to not spend the money by buying a convertible; though it is never confirmed which of the tellers killed him. 

Madge later allowed Monk (with Natalie, Randy, and Stottlemeyer) into the bank after it was closed, hoping to find Trudy's bracelet in his safe deposit box. While in the vault, Monk discovered the six toothpicks on a table and deduced what really happened. After catching Monk in her video camera, the evil Madge closed the door of the vault, sealing the quartet in. The group was eventually rescued, and Madge and the other tellers were all arrested.


  • Eve Gordon appeared twice on Monk, only playing a villainess in "Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank."
  • Eve Gordon played a villainess in Supernatural, playing evil female werewolf Joy Meyers in Season Nine's "Sharp Teeth."