Mallory Doss (The Gingerbread Man) 1
Mallory Doss
(Embeth Davidtz) is the main antagonist in the film "The Gingerbread Man".

Assuming that her father would inherit his precious area of forest rather to his pals, then to her, she tricked an attorney into killing him, by staging the kidnapping of the lawyers children and blaming her father for it. It is later proven, that she was initially wrong, and would have inherit her fathers fortune, but only after she accidentally killed her villainous lover, aiming at the attorney with a flair gun. To find out, at whom she was aiming, the hero returned the flair gun to her, after pretending, he had reloaded it and she was buying it and pulled the trigger several times. After that she was trapped by the hero in ta booth of a ship for the police to arrive. A private investigator was also murdered earlier in the story, but it was left open, if she did it herself or her later shot friend with or without her.

In the epilogue of the movie, the attorney accepted to be charged for killing her father, and Mallory was lead out of the court house in cuffs and prison gown after watching his trial.

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