Mandy McKay (Pamela Ann Davy) is a villainess from the series 5 Avengers episode "The Living Dead" - the first in colour.

She is a gorgeous redhead who initially pretends to work for a society called Friends of Ghosts and befriends Steed and Emma.Looks, fabulous early on in various fur and leather jackets before turning out to be gearing up for an invasion of The UK from subterranean city in an abandoned coal mine ran by the evil Masgard. Having easily despatched Masgard, Mrs Peel comes face to face with Mandy who is now wearing a tightly cut and very sexy (if rather impractical) uniform that shows off PAD's curves to maximum effect. After a titanic struggle in which Mandy puts up more of a fight than her boss did, our pretty villainess is hurled into a concrete pillar which she slowly slithers down as Emma knocks her out by cutting of the flow of blood in her carotid artery. Our last sight of poor Mandy is when she desperately tries to summon the lift to the surface only for Masgard to tell her he has cut the cable and effectively sealed them inside to await a long, lingering death.

Sexy enemy agent Mandy from Avengers Living Dead 2-001:05

Sexy enemy agent Mandy from Avengers Living Dead 2-0

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