Marge Longacre

The evil Marge Longacre

Marge Longacre (Patricia Phillips) was the main villainess from "Scarecrow," episode 1.11 of Friday the 13th:  The Series (airdate February 1, 1988).

Marge Longacre was the owner of a cursed scarecrow, which comes to life every harvest to behead three victims in order to provide good crops for the owner. The scarecrow is activated when the owner pins a photo of the intended victim, and in the episode's opening scene, Marge is shown sending her scarecrow after Dave Meeno, and she later does the same to Tudy Cobean. When Micki and Ryan get too close to the truth, Marge decided to enlist Nick Cobean, the mentally unhinged son of Tudy and Charles, to dress as the scarecrow and go after Micki. After Nick is shot dead by police, however, Marge used her own scarecrow to attempt to do the job. 

The villainess killed Charles Cobean herself and then stole Micki's ID photo and pinned it on the scarecrow. She threatened to harm Jordy (Dave's son) with a pair of scissors to his neck, but Ryan saved Jordy from Marge's evil clutches. The duo deactivated the scarecrow by removing Micki's photo, but at that moment, the crazed Marge went after the protagonists with the scissors. During the chaos, Marge's photo accidentally lands on the scarecrow, causing him to rise and decapitate Marge.


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