The evil Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis is a wrestler and manager who works in TNA. She has also appeared as a villainess in ROH and NJPW.

In December 2011 she made her debut in ROH at Final Battle as Mike Bennett's evil girlfriend, and was in his corner for his match that night. Since then she has always stayed alongside Bennett, being in his corner, and helping him to win by any means necessary. Whether that be by providing distractions on the outside or getting physically involved with the match herself.

She and Bennett have also formed the villainous group The Kingdom, along with Matt Hardy, Matt Taven, and Adam Cole. As the wicked queen of The Kingdom, Maria has helped guide the group to championship success.

In January 2016 Maria made her debut in TNA Wrestling alongside Mike Bennett. On the 19th April episode of Impact Wrestling, she won a ladder match to become the new TNA Knockouts Division Commissioner. As the commissioner she went on to form an alliance with Sienna, who she used as a henchwoman. She also took on an apprentice called Allie.


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