Marie Simmons

The evil Marie Simmons, brandishing a villainous gleam

Marie Simmons (Diana Barrington) was a villainess from Friday The 13th: The Series, appearing in episode 1.13, "The Baron's Bride" (airdate February 20, 1988). She is a landlady who was encountered by Frank Edwards in the opening scenes, as he was looking to rent a spare room from her.

Meanwhile, Micki, Ryan, and Jack are on the search for a cursed cape which happened to belong to Marie's deceased husband. The exact cape is in the vacant room and Frank actually tries it on, while Marie watches and displays a sinister gleam. She later approached Frank and gushed over how he looked in the cape, stating that she plans to share her life with him

At that moment, Marie turned heel and revealed herself as a vampiress; sinking her sharp and jagged fangs into Frank's neck. Frank's screams are heard by the trio, who rush in and run upstairs to find Marie attacking Frank. After flashing her bloody fangs and snarling, the evil Marie fights off Ryan and Micki before she is killed with a wooden stake by Jack, which happened to have a "For Rent" sign attached.


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