Mary Howard, a curvy, long-legged blonde villainess with a Pepsodent smile was portrayed in a 1957 episode of State Trooper by the lovely actress Ann Staunton.


Mary is the head of a crooked gambling ring, operating out of a fake tourist trap on the outskirts of Las Vegas. She lures men in with her stunning good looks (augmented by a white blouse and tight white shorts). Her henchmen stage a brawl; the 'mark' gets lured into a revenge game where he's fleeced by Mary's men who are really acting in concert.

The plan goes awry when, to scare off an angry 'mark', Mary's henchmen stage a phony murder. Instead of being scared off, her victim reports it to Inspector Blake. Blake recognizes it as a con-game and, with a not-unattractive policewoman, set off on a sting operation.

Like most villainesses, Mary apparently had some prior contact with the police, and recognizes the policewoman who's waiting outside. She warns the others and tries to flee, but is apprehended by the policewoman, who handcuffs her behind her back. Blake pulls his gun and covers her henchmen as the policewoman walks Mary into the room. Blake marches the henchmen out with their hands up, followed by the handcuffed Mary.

The Live Shell Game (2) - State Trooper13:19

The Live Shell Game (2) - State Trooper.

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