Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook01

Leslie Easterbrook as Matron Knull

Leslie Easterbrook (of the POLICE ACADEMY series) plays the sadistic supervisor of a corrupt insane asylum in MANIACTS (2001).

Knull's favorite "correction" for troublesome inmates is the Hydro-Therapy room. She straddles a fire hose and "cools off" a girl.

Later, the girl punches out the big blonde and hauls her to the Hydro room to return the favor.

Before leaving, the girl turns up the water pressure to MAX and locks Knull in the room where the fire hose whips around crazily with so much force it blows the tiles off the wall. The water jet finally finds the evil woman and blows her to a bloody (and much deserved) demise.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook04
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook03
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook08
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook05

She has a novel place to keep her nail file. ;-)

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook07

Knull brutally back-hands a girl.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook09

She and her henchman laugh about it.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook06

They taunt the girl before getting out the fire hose.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook10

The vicious woman cools off the girl with the fire hose.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook11

Later, the girl gets revenge.

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook13

The girl gives Knull a taste of her own medicine!

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook14
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook15
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook16
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook17
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook18
Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook19

The full-force fire hose now blows the tiles off the wall!

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook20

Fire hose enema, anyone?

Maniacs LeslieEasterbrook21

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