Maya who is played by Katrena Rochell, is a female junkie associated with Rasul's crew in Kick-Ass. When Kick-Ass goes to Rasul's apartment ot tell him to stay away from Katie Deamoux, she tries to seduce him by rubbing her tits in his face...distracting Kick-Ass momentarily. When Rasul threatens to kill Kick-Ass, Hit Girl runs in and stabs Rasul while Maya runs and cowers in a corner while the other gang members are getting killed. When Maya is the last one out of the fallen crew standing, she breaks a beer bottle and threatens to stab Hit-Girl with the jagged end. Hit-Girl grabs her twin blade, while Maya runs for the door. Hit-Girl is quick to dispatch of the woman and impales her to the door.

Kick-Ass 1066
KA 1047
Kick-Ass 1079
KA 1050
Kick-Ass 0921
Kick-Ass 0922
Kick-Ass 0971
Kick-Ass 1059
Katrena Rochell - Kick Ass
Kick-Ass 1073

Maya, evil gang girl, in the Kick Ass comic

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