Medusa 2 Phantasy Star
Medusa (メデューサ) 
is a secondary antagonist in the 1988 Sega Master System sci-fi RPG "Phantasy Star" (ファンタシースター) by developer Sega, as well as its Playstation 2 remake "Phantasy Star Generations". 

Medusa transforms one of the four protagonists, Odin, into stone by the time the game begins. Later in the story, the hero party ventures to the top of her tower with the mirror shield in their possession and defeats her. The reward for this optional quest is the Laconian Axe - Odin's strongest weapon. 

Medusa 1 Phantasy Star

From the Sega Master system original.

Medusa 3 Phantasy Star

Medusa in the remake.

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