Melinda Jensen

Scheming villainess Melinda Jensen

Melinda Jensen (Pamela Sue Martin) was the villainess from "Anniversary Gift," episode 2.06 of the revived Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate February 28, 1987).

Melinda Jensen was the frustrated, cheating wife of Mark Jensen, who has a vast collection of animals; a quirk Melinda cannot stand. They had been married for a year, but it was quickly revealed that Melinda was having an affair with Allen Farber, and her marriage to Mark was part of her plan to eliminate Mark and live off his riches. The villainess later went to a nearby pet shop and purchased what was believed to be a poisonous coral snake for $500. After being informed that one bite can cause death. the evil Melinda gave it to Mark as an anniversary present.

After meeting with Allen once again, Melinda reentered her home and believed to have found Mark dead from the snake's bite, only to see him up and standing. Mark informed Melinda that he loved the snake as a gift, but told his wicked wife that it was loose, causing Melinda to worry. Melinda was set to take a bath to calm her nerves, only to find the snake slithering in the bathroom. She screamed for Mark, but at that moment, the snake bit her and she fell to her death. After Melinda's death, it was revealed that the snake was actually a non-poisonous king snake, and that Melinda actually died of a heart attack.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is a remake of an episode of the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents series under the same title, with the roles reversed.