Roz Nealy

Scorned villainess Roz Nealy

Roz Nealy (Laura Heisler) is a villainess from "Bang Bang Shoot Chute," episode 5.07 of Elementary (airdate November 20, 2016). She is the wife of former Army vet and YouTube star Bennett Nealy.

Roz was eight months pregnant at the time that her husband was found dead during a parachute jump, as he was killed by a sniper after his chute was revealed to have been sabotaged. She stated that a number of his associates may have had motives to kill Bennett, but after Sherlock, Joan, and Bell's encounter with pilot Gordie Kasdan revealed that Roz was behind the tampering of the chute.

Some time before Bennett was set to jump, Roz found his burner phone and discovered that he was having an affair with a young woman named Zohala Durrani, who he referred to as "Jaan" (Pashto for "beloved"). Among Bennett's messages to his mistress was a promise to leave Roz, and that left Roz enraged and furious. She phoned Gordie, her father, and vented about Bennett's affair, with Gordie joking that her problems could be solved with a pair of scissors. However, the evil Roz took her father joke seriously and sabotaged her husband's chute in an act of revenge. On the day of the jump, Roz actually had a change of heart and attempted to stop Bennett from jumping, but Bennett went through with his mission.

The familial traits shared between Gordie and Roz (which Sherlock discovered) revealed Roz as a scorned attempted murderess. Gordie attempted to admit to the tampering to cover for Roz, mainly due to learning that she had actually went through with it, and during her interrogation, Roz stated that when she heard that Bennett was shot to death, she was relieved solely because she wasn't the one who killed him. Bennett's killer was later revealed to be his mistress' brother, but it can be assumed that Roz was arrested (off-screen) for the attempt to kill Bennett.