Minder and Davenport 1
(Devon Ericson) and Davenport (Lissa Layng) are two minor villains in the 1984 post-apocalyptic horror movie "Night of the Comet". 

The two women are part of a group of scientists working in an underground facility after a passing comet has killed everyone on the surface who was not sheltered by a steel enclosure. Knowing ahead of time that such a disaster might occur, the scientists believed that they would be protected, however, someone had neglected to close the air vents, resulting in the entire group becoming terminally infected. Upon realizing this, their new mission is to scour above ground for any survivors, and upon doing so, terminate their brain function and steal their blood, in order to keep themselves alive.

Some scientists are unsettled by this plan, and others remain on edge, yet, determined to see it through. Minder and Davenport, however, carry a certain air of contentedness throughout, and to slightly disturbing degree. They prep two of the rescued child survivors with the intent of harvesting their blood, but almost have the additude that it's like a game, with Minder commenting "They're so cute", while her partner happily jokes "I love working with kids."

The duo plan to kill the children by gassing them, explaining that when they wake up they'll be at the North Pole with Santa Claus, and that they'll get to live with him forever. They do not get far, however, as hero siblings Reggie (gun in hand) and Sam strap them to the tables. They then use the deadly gas on the scientists themselves, and escape, leaving a handwritten sign "Going to see Santa" (likely the idea of the younger sister, who tends to take very little seriously throughout the film).

Minder and Davenport 2


Minder and Davenport 3


Minder and Davenport 9

Entering the shelter, during the opening credits.

Minder and Davenport 4

Minder assures the kids that everything's going to be ok.

Minder and Davenport 5

Minder and Davenport 6
Minder and Davenport 7
Minder and Davenport 8

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