Miranda Breyers

The psychotic Miranda Breyers

Miranda Breyers (Charity Shea) was the main villainess from the 2017 Lifetime film, The Psycho She Met Online (alternately titled The Guest She Found Online; airdate April 9, 2017).

Backstory Edit

Miranda's backstory reveals that she is the half-sister of main protagonist Karen Hexley; the product of a tryst between Karen's mother, Nancy Holliston, and Miranda's father. After Nancy ended the relationship and met Karen's father, Miranda spent years searching for her birth mother. She called Nancy, who told her that she was vacationing in Mexico and couldn't meet her. Despite this, Miranda traveled to Mexico and met Nancy, who was revealed to be suffering from cancer.

The meeting between Miranda and Nancy turned violent when the former demanded answers from the latter. When Nancy stated that she wanted to tell Karen about her first before telling her anything, Miranda (enraged at what she saw as her mother caring more for Karen than her) strangled Nancy to death, and after the murder, she staged the scene to make it appear that she committed suicide, which Karen believed to be true. Miranda later took a photo of Karen with her husband, Andrew, and began her obsessive pursuit for her half-sister.

Events Edit

Miranda (who works as a nightclub dancer) was able to find Karen when news of Andrew's car accident was posted online. She then manipulated her way into moving in with Karen; staying at her guesthouse while using her laptop to drive away potential roommates. Miranda's crazed personality began to appear when she antagonized Karen's best friend, Aubrey, while the trio dined together. She resorted to murder again when she believed that Evander Swanson, a reviewer, was getting close to her secret. Miranda grabbed a rock and bludgeoned Evander to death, and later in the film, she began falling for Tyler, Andrew's brother.

Miranda engaged in a verbal confrontation with Aubrey, after she found out Miranda's true workplace. When word got out to Karen, she confronted Miranda and threatened to kick her out, which led to Miranda revealing that she and Karen are half-sisters (without revealing the entire truth). Miranda's attempt to use Karen's information to move into a new place was the last straw, and Karen cut ties with her completely. After a detective visited Karen and Andrew regarding Evander's disappearance, the protagonists began to learn Miranda's true personality.

Miranda had prevented Andrew from calling Tyler, but he managed to get through a second time to warn him about her. The twisted villainess overheard the conversation and knocked Tyler out with a wine bottle before heading back to the house. Miranda grabbed a knife and stabbed Andrew (non-fatally) before attacking Karen, who learned that her evil half-sister killed their mother. Miranda revealed everything in a rage to Karen, stating that while she didn't blame Karen for her terrible life, she felt that their mother considered Karen over her and she was planning to take everything away from her. At that moment, police entered the home and warned Miranda to drop the knife. The villainess refused and moved towards the detective, who later shot and killed Miranda.

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