Miranda Frost is a double agent from the James Bond film Die Another Day. She is portrayed by Rosamund Pike.


Miranda Frost is a Harvard-educated, gold medal-winning Olympic fencer (trained by Verity) posing as Graves' publicist and fencing partner. She won gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics by default, after Graves organized the real gold medalist's death by drug overdose. This earned Graves Miranda's allegiance.

She is sent by Mto work alongside Bond, but does not approve of Bond's methods. When caught by Mr. Kil and his minions, Miranda helps Bond keep incognito by kissing him. They later spend the night together in Miranda's suite to keep up the pretense that they are lovers.

James awakens and goes after Graves. Miranda pleads for him not to go, but he insists. When Bond finally confronts Gustav Graves it is revealed that she is the traitor who betrayed him in North Korea, which led to 14 months of incarceration and torture at the hands of the North Koreans. Bond attempts to kill her, but realizes that his weapon is empty. While in bed together, Frost had taken the opportunity to empty his gun.

With her pistol trained on him and escape looking unlikely, Bond uses the sonic agitator ring - provided by Q - to shatter the glass platform on which they were both standing. Frost and Bond fall into the jungle environment of Graves' geodesic dome (a structure alongside Grave's Ice Palace). After attempting to murder Bond with Graves' satellite weapon, Icarus, the villains leave aboard an Antonov An-124 aircraft.

Eventually Bond and his American NSA counterpart, Jinx, catch up with Graves and Frost in North Korea. Boarding Grave's Antonov, the pair split up; but Jinx is caught by Frost at the controls of the aircraft. Frost and Jinx have a climactic sword fight aboard the descending plane. Frost narrowly slices Jinx across the stomach, mocking Jinx by informing her that she can read her foe's every move, but Jinx manages to impale a dagger that was stuck on a copy of "The Art of War" into Frost's chest after this she kicks her again in the breasts and kills her yelling "read this, bitch".

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  • Rosamund Pike is arguably most famous for playing sociopath Amy Dunne in the film adaption of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.

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