TheBigDollHouse ChristianeSchmidtmer

Christiane Schmidtmer as Miss Dietrich

Miss Dietrich (Christiane Schmidtmer) was the warden in THE BIG DOLL HOUSE.

The buxom blonde warden of the jungle prison was a two-face: While seemingly friendly and helpful to her girl prisoners, she was later unmasked as the shadowy, voyeuristic mystery figure overseeing the tortures of prisoners in the dark chamber.

Once exposed and made captive herself, she gives a vile "Nazi" speech to her escaping captors whom she calls "an infection that must be wiped out!".

At the climax, the prison guards surround the escapee's truck halted in the jungle and in a hail of bullets, most of the prisoners are killed and the truck's gasoline tank punctured. A lighter thrown by a wounded prisoner sets off the gas and Miss Dietrich (unhit but still chained in the truck) is burned alive. ==Gallery

ChristianeSchmidtmer BigDollHouse

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