Miss Emily

The abusive Miss Emily

Miss Emily aka Emily (Alexandra Breckenridge) was a minor villainess from "Be Careful What You Fish For", episode 10.14 of Family Guy. She was the teacher of Tiny Tots Preschool, which was attended by Stewie Griffin.

As revealed when Brian Griffin arrived at the preschool, Miss Emily was a very neglectful teacher, allowing the school to fall into disarray and even neglecting to realize a child had fallen and died while trying to change the TV channel. Brian went out to the backyard (where Miss Emily was tanning) to confront the neglectful teacher, but upon taking notice of her attractiveness, Brian instead began working toward dating (and eventually, having sex) with Emily.

One day, when Stewie came home with a dislocated shoulder, he detailed how he had finally called out Miss Emily about her neglect. The evil Emily responded by telling Stewie not to raise his voice to adults before pulling him into another room, causing his injury. Stewie attempted to go to his mother Lois about Emily, but Brian stopped him in order to prevent his relationship with her from being destroyed. But the following day, Brian came back to the preschool to pick up Emily for a date and discovered that she already had a boyfriend named Devin. Now with no reason to protect her, Brian reported Emily to the police for her abuse and neglect, resulting in her arrest.

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Emily also appeared in Season 11 episode "Valentine's Day in Quahog" when Stewie invited Brian's numerous ex-girlfriends to the Griffin household to find out why all his relationships failed.
  • Alexandra Breckenridge also portrayed minor villainess Monique Valentine from the 2006 comedy She's The Man.


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