Miss Lippenrieder is one of the four statuesque assistants who also serve as bodyguards and henchwomen for Loveless in the 1999 movie "Wild Wild West". She is played by the Swedish born actress, Sofie Eng.

Miss Lippenrieder appears to be the intelligence advisor since she can read lips from many yards away with the use of her telescope and opera glasses. The other henchwomen are Amazonia (Frederique van der Wal) the muscle and tactical advisor of the group; Munitia (Musetta Vander) the weapons expert; and Miss East (Bai Ling) who only appears early on to seduce Jim West (Will Smith). The four sport incredibly sexy outfits throughout the movie which show off their figures.

Miss Lippenrieder is defeated by President U.S. Grant (Kevin Kline) who sends her over the side rail of the giant mechanical spider. As a result Miss Lippenrieder plummets to her death. We catch a brief glimpse as she goes over the side, but nothing is shown of her body as it lands or later.