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Moira Yulin (Debra Mayer) was a villainess in 1999 movie 'Blood Dolls'.

Shortly before the events of the film, Main Villain, Virgil Travis looses a billion dollar court case. Discovering the masterminds were several colleagues of his, who arranged his loss by bribing the judge and prosecutor, he set upon a quest of revenge to restore his dignity and recover his money. His first goal was to acquire some additional aid in the killing of his betrayers. He achieved this by trans-mutating the three he viewed as at fault for his loss into the Blood Dolls.

Upon creating them, he sends them to kill the first two of the three conspirators. After an initial failure to kill the ringleader of the group, Harrison Yulin, he is payed a visit by Yulin's wife Moira. She charms him with her grace and beauty. After the dolls kill her husband, he receives a call from her, claiming the dolls are attacking her. While attempting to call off the dolls, he discovers, Moira was the real mastermind behind his troubles, having used her husband as a puppet. Initially depressed, he quickly turns to anger at being made a fool of.

The next day Moira arrives, returning the dolls. She offers to sell her company to him for a dollar and offers him her hand in marriage, arguing as the most brilliant people alive, they should found a dynasty of geniuses. Travis agrees and the two prepare for their wedding. The film has two different endings.

One of which Moira is tied up and tortured by the blood dolls and in the next, presumed to be the valid ending she falls in love with Virgil Travis, commenting that "The world really has something to worry about".


  • Debra Mayer appeared as Mrs. Bouvier in the 2000 fantasy horror video "Voodoo Academy".
  • Debra Mayer appeared as Dr. Krackle in the 2001 movie "Micro Mini-Kids".