De-Pixelated Streets Of Rage Mona Lisa 00

The evil Mona & Lisa

Mona & Lisa (Rachel Wiese & Ada Scarborough) are villainesses from the 2013 short film De-Pixelated: Streets Of Rage.

The movie starts with the protagonist, Adam, walking the streets when he is attacked by a number of thugs. He manages to defeat the mostly male enemies that attack him and then comes face to face with Mona & Lisa.

Mona is a brunette who wears a short skirted green outfit, which includes a green headband and green gloves. Lisa is a blonde who wears the exact same outfit, but in blue. She also wears black socks, unlike Mona, who doesn't wear socks at all.

Mona & Lisa attack Adam as he approaches them. The vast majority of their attack is leg based, but they do throw the occasional punch as well. They like to kick and knee Adam a lot, and Lisa also gets him on the floor and tries to squeeze the life out of him between her legs, while Mona steps on him.

At one point they seem to have finished Adam off for good with some kicks to the head, but he eventually gets back to his feet when it looked like he may be done for.

Adam takes his fair share of punishment from their lethal legs, but he eventually gets the upper hand on them and finishes them both off simultaneously with two deadly blows.


  • The characters in this short film are based off characters from the video game series Streets Of Rage.
  • Mona & Lisa are boss characters throughout the game series and the outfits they wear in the De-Pixelated film are similar to the ones they wear in the first Streets Of Rage game.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, Mona & Lisa are known as Yasha & Onihime (鬼姫 & 夜叉).


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