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Moth 01-1-

Moth is a moll/henchwoman to the Riddler in the live action 60s Batman tv show. She is played by Linda Gaye Scott.

Apperas in

Batman (USA 1966 - 8. ABC network)

The Ring of Wax

Give 'Em the Axe

The Story

The Riddler smuggles a ring of a revolutionary new Universal Wax Solvent, capable of eating through anything, into the country by hiding it inside a wax statue of Batman, which is intended for display at Madame Soleil's Wax Museum. In place of the wax Batman statue is a wax replica of the Riddler, which, at its unveiling, subsequently sprays the attending audience with a gun filled with paint, while a tape recorder announces two riddles. Inside his hideout at the Kandle Lite Kandle Factory, the Riddler and his henchgirl, Moth, melt the Batman figure into a vat of boiling wax; Batman and Robin solve the puzzles and arrive at the Gotham City Public Library and find the Riddler and his henchmen, Tallow and Matches, attempting to steal a rare book on the lost treasure of the Incas from the vault with the use of the solvent. A battle breaks out, but the Prince of Puzzles uses his Doctor Riddler's Instant Forever-Stick Invisible Wax Emulsion to glue two heroes’ feet to the floor, enabling him and his gang to escape with the book!

Moth - appearance, character and role in the story -

Moth is a sexy and beautiful blonde in her 20s, who wears a purple catsuit and cape. She is a typical henchwoman and girly, interested in being rich and excited to commit crime but very cowardly.




Moth attempts to flee cowardly, only to fall inside a case where she is then trapped by Batman to be picked for the police, much to her shock. When they arrive she attempts to flirt her way out of it, only to be horrified again when she is arrested and sent to prison.


Moth is a typical henchwoman, only there to be pretty and not a competent villainess. Although she enjoys crime, she is cowardly and learns the hard way that crime does not pay.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.04.46

As one door closes, a shocked Moth realises that so will the other one and she will be encased in The Maidens Bath

Moth 2

After her pleading fails, the reality hits Moth that she is going to jail for a long time

Moth 1

A sexy Moth looks shocked as she is hoisted out of the Maidens Bath by Batman and Chief O'Hara

Moth 3

With a final glance back at her captor, Moth is marched off to jail

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