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The evil Mrs. Colbert

Mrs. Colbert (Grace Zabriskie) was a villainess from Tales From the Crypt's second season finale, "The Secret" (airdate July 31, 1990). She and her husband adopted 12-year-old Theodore from an orphanage, and they mainly stuff him full of sweets and keep him in his room, under the watchful eye of their servant, Tobias.

Later in the episode, Tobias attempts to escape with Theodore, when he runs into Mrs. Colbert in the stairway. At that moment, Mrs. Colbert turned heel and revealed herself as a vampiress, flashing her fangs at Tobias and Theodore. The villainess also revealed that she was to give Tobias immortality in return for watching Theodore, and even threatened to take Theodore should Tobias walk out. Later on, the evil Mrs. Colbert hissed in wicked glee as she watched her vampire husband kill Tobias, and the couple chased after Theodore. However, Theodore revealed that he is a werewolf and devoured the couple.

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