Mrs. D's Sexy She-Thugs are the henchwomen (and a couple henchmen) of Delicious Incorporated in the 2009 Troma heavy metal horror film "Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath". They are all the employees of the film's main antagonist, Mrs. Delicious.

The HenchwomenEdit

Ginger Snatch
Mrs. D's Sexy She-Thugs 1

Clockwise from the top: Cass, Barbi, Bambi and Ginger Snatch.

Bambi and Barbi

Sugar and Spice


Sour Pussy

The Flashback Girls
Mrs. D's Sexy She-Thugs 2

Clockwise from top-left: Juggsy McGee, Cock Boy, Cocoa, Sugar and Spice.

Juggsy McGee (Andrea Zarzycki)

Mrs. D's Sexy She-Thugs 3

Mrs. Delicious, speaking to the group.

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