The evil Ms. Perkins

Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) is a villainess from the 2014 movie John Wick.

She is an assassin who tries to kill the movie's protagonist John Wick when a $2m bounty is put on his head by the movie's main villain Viggo Tarasov.

John is staying in the Continental, a hotel that known assassins tend to frequent, Perkins included. The hotel has a rule where no killings may take place inside it, but Perkins is willing to break that rule, and because of this the bounty is doubled to $4m.

She sneaks into John's hotel room with a gun attempting to kill him, but John is aware of her presence and the two have a fight which John wins. John intends to follow up on information Perkins has told him and gives her to another man in the hotel called Harry, she is sat on a chair and handcuffed.

Harry tells her that the hotel management aren't happy with her breaking the rules by attempting to kill John. During this conversation Perkins manages to break free from the handcuffs and knocks down Harry before eventually killing him with a gun.

Much later on Viggo has captured a friend of John's called Marcus, Marcus was offered the bounty by Viggo and took it, but his intentions were to help John by picking off threats to John with his sniper, this ultimately helped John track down Viggo's son, and kill him. Viggo is angry about being betrayed by Marcus and blames him for his son's death. Perkins is in the room as well and watches with pleasure as Marcus gets tortured by Viggo. Marcus manages to break free however and kills two of Viggo's henchmen before Perkins takes him down with a shot of her gun, Viggo then finishes Marcus off.

Immediately after this she gets a call from the owner of the Continental Hotel, they meet and he tells her that she is no longer a member because she broke the rules of the hotel. She is then killed by some of his henchmen via a single gunshot from each man's gun. Thus now practically dead, she is wrapped up via plastic wrap and taken away by Charley and his "Waste Disposal" men to be processed and disintegrated, thus leaving no trace of her body or her for that matter.


Perkins is a ruthless contract killer that is even willing to ignore the rules of the hotel for a big payday. Perkins appeared to have a history with John as she made numerous teasing remarks at him during their fight. She also seemed to look down on him as he still had some ethical code he lived by.


Perkins is a highly skilled contract killer.

Perkins is highly proficient in grappling and Brazilian Jiujitsu. During her fight with John she used numerous techniques like: kata guruma, backmount, kimura, sumi gaeshi, lapel chokes, crucifix holds and other.