Muujo is one of the three main antagonists in the 1977 anime, Zenderman. Zenderman is part of the "Time Bokan" series. Each one of these shows have the same general plot. A hero or group of heroes are competing with antagonists for a precious item. The antagonists always work for a secret evil cult or organization and antagonists are always lead by a beautiful but vain woman.

The plot of Zenderman follows a similar structure for every episode. The villains are usually humiliated twice in each episode. The first time they are humiliated by being defeated by the protagonists, in the process Muujo as well as the other antagonists may lose their clothing or get electrocuted. Then their vehicle will explode in a ridiculously over the top way as the protagonists cheer on.

After the initial humiliation/explosion the antagonists are seen standing before the "forfeit machine." The forfeit machine chooses the antagonist that was most to blame for the groups failure and punishes that member. Often times Muujo is chosen. Among her punishments for failure are to have her body inflated, forced labor, spanking or other ridiculous punishments involving spikes and robots.

It is hard to believe that this was a Saturday morning cartoon in japan, the humor is veyr slapstick and the plot very simplistic and formulaic, but there are also a lot of sex jokes and nudity. Muujo is far from the only antagonist in the "Time Bokan" series to get this treatment.