Cobra Woman2
(Maria Montez) is the main antagonist of the 1944 adventure drama film "Cobra Woman". She is the high priestess of Cobra Island, and the twin sister of Tollea, who was to be the rightful ruler.

Naja demands that the inhabitants of the island bring her gold, and, finding the amount insufficient, sacrifices them by the hundreds by sending them to a fiery death in a volcano named Fire Mountain. Though he is a complete stranger, she also immediately and eagerly reciprocates the affections of Ramu, the story's hero, who initially mistakes her for Tollea. When her sibling arrives to take back the Cobra Jewel, a symbol of her royal destiny, Naja attempts to murder her, but in doing so, ends up falling backwards out of a high story window to her death.

Cobra Woman1
Cobra Woman3

Ruler or not, she's more than comfortable with the advances of a man that she met two minutes ago.

Cobra Woman4

With her attendants...

Cobra Woman5

Taking great delight in randomly choosing which of the innocent villagers will be sent to die.

Cobra Woman6

Confronted at long last by her twin...

Cobra Woman7

Laughing at the notion that her sibling will be able to stop her reign of terror...

Cobra Woman8

Prepared to do a little "sisterly skewering".

Cobra Woman9

...but ultimately...

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