The evil Nicole

Nicole (Dagmara Dominczyk) is a villainess from season 4 of the TV series 24, appearing in the episodes 8pm-9pm and 10pm-11pm.

She is first seen in bed with an air force pilot called John Hansen, who is about to leave on his way to work. Nicole's phone then rings and she answers it and says its John's wife, much to his surprise. His wife says she and their children have been kidnapped, John then turns to Nicole who has a gun pointed at him, revealing herself to be a villainess. She keeps him hostage in the room, and even takes him down with ease when he attempts an escape, threatening his family when she has him on the ground. A man called Mitch Anderson then shows up with payment for the air force pilot and Nicole leaves with the money.

An hour or so later she gets a call from Habib Marwan, the main villain of the season, asking her to go to Anderson's apartment to retrieve incriminating evidence in the form of a hard drive, so that the government don't get their hands on it. She goes there to search for it and an FBI agent turns up looking for the same drive, Nicole shoots her to death with a pistol and then poses as the recently deceased agent and answers her ringing phone. Jack Bauer is on the other line and says he will be over to the apartment soon to look for the hard drive.

Bauer and another agent turn up and along with Nicole, posing as an FBI agent, the three search the apartment for the hard drive. The other agent ends up finding it hidden behind a plug socket, the evil Nicole sneaks up behind him and silently kills him with a stab to the throat and then takes the hard drive. She then starts to walk towards the stairs where Bauer is on the upper floor. Jack realises something is wrong and sees the corpse of his fellow agent from upstairs, Nicole notices Jack and starts shooting at him, she then takes cover behind a wall, but the wall is not thick enough cover and Bauer shoots her three times through the wall, killing her.