Nina Patterson

Evil bully Nina Patterson

Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) was a minor villainess from Season 1 of MTV's Scream. Additionally, she was the posthumous secondary antagonist for the drama half of Season 1.

History Edit

Nina Patterson was the former queen bee of Lakewood, ultimately before her murder. She was the sociopathic, belittling, and manipulative daughter of Tracy and Craig Patterson, along with also being the ex-girlfriend of Tyler O'Neill.

Nina and Tyler, along with classmates Will Belmont and Jake Fitzgerald, ran a lucrative blackmailing operation where they sold risque videos of Nina to town officials in Lakewood before blackmailing them to pay them money to keep their secret. Nina was also a frequent bully of Audrey Jensen, even going as far as to record the closeted Audrey as she made out with her girlfriend Rachel and making it go viral, humiliating both of them in the process.

As revealed later on in the series, Nina also dared Will to sleep with Emma Duval (the series' main protagonist) out of jealousy of the girl's "goody goody" persona. She also had a previous connection with Emma's soon-to-be boyfriend Kieran Wilcox, having had drinks with him at a bar the night before her murder.

Events Edit

In the opening of the season's pilot episode, the peeper mean-girl Nina was eagerly witnessing the attention her video of Audrey was receiving with Tyler, justifying her cruelty by saying that it was "the law of nature." Tyler attempted to persuade Nina into letting him spend the night with her, but Nina refused and admitted that she had only wanted him for his "tech savvy" in order to anonymously post and send out the video.

She went into her lavish house and began undressing to get into the hot tub. Whilst doing this, she received chilling messages and Snapchat-esque videos from an anonymous number, with the messages implying that the sender was nearby and could hear her. Nina was not severely alarmed by the messages, believing them to be from a scorned Tyler. Under that assumption, Nina seductively entered the hot tub wearing a black bikini and continued to toy with the texter — until Tyler's severed head was tossed into the hot tub. Horrified, Nina screamed, grabbed her phone, and scrambled out of the hot tub. She aimlessly ran across her backyard before hiding behind a tree and unsuccessfully trying to call 911 by using Siri (due to being unable to dial her passcode to call 911 with her fingers being wet).

Frightened and terrified, Nina dropped her phone and tried to get into her house, but found all the patio doors were locked. The killer then appeared behind Nina and slashed her back horizontally with a hunting knife. While bleeding in pain, Nina fell and stumbled across the patio but fell onto the grass. She feebly tried to crawl away, but was caught and lifted up by the masked maniac near the edge of the swimming pool. The tear-stained Nina plead for her life. However, the masked maniac swiftly sliced Nina's throat open, causing Nina to choke on her own blood. They then carelessly tossed the limp Nina into the swimming pool, not even bothering to see if she was alive. Nina succumbed to her wounds, and floated face down in the water.

In the morning, Nina's mother later found Nina when she and her husband returned from a trip.

Trivia Edit

  • Bella Thorne's other villainous roles consist of Madison Morgan from The DUFF and Jolie from the Disney Channel show K.C. Undercover.
  • Bella Thorne's serial killer role is portrayed as Holly, a stalker turned deranged serial killer.


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