Wh13 3

These female Cat Burglars appeared in a short segment of the season finale episode "Endless"

Role Edit

During a flashback, the heroes talk about a previous undercover mission where they posed as a suburban couple to find a magical artifact. The "wife", while having her suburban housewife friends over for afternoon tea reveals that she knows that the other women have been using the artifact to give them abilities to burgle local residents.

The other housewives then stand up and use the artifact's powers to transform into female ninja cat burglar. What follows is a short fight involving the husband and wife team taking on these villainous thieves.

Fate Edit

The action scene is relatively well done, while slightly on the short side. After a brief action scene, all 5 female ninjas are knocked out by being punched, zapped with a laser and kicked through the window. They are then presumably arrested.

W don't see more of these women, or even a final shot of their knocked out bodies.

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