Heel Nisa

The evil and seductive Nisa

Nisa (Maryam Basir) is a villainess from the 2006 film, Fright Club, appearing in the film's second segment, "The Boy Who Cried Vamp." She is an exotic dancer at a local nightclub owned by Lamar.

Nisa encountered Jamal (the segment's main protagonist) after giving her latest performance, and shortly aftewards, the pair later engaged in a sexual tryst backstage. During their encounter, Nisa turned heel and revealed herself as a vampiress; inserting her fangs into Jamal and leaving him in the process of becoming a vampire. Once Jamal learns about the vampires, he returns to the club and kills nearly all of them, including Lamar (which prevented him from becoming a vampire) and Jamal's girlfriend Kendra, who became a vampiress herself. As for Nisa, the villainess escaped Jamal's warpath, and by the end of the segment, the evil Nisa remained on the loose.


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