Norah (Dallas Lovato) is part of the murderous, psycho, gang in The Helpers. A part of a group of orphans that went missing after a fire, they devise traps to lure visitors to their motel so they can murder them with death traps. The gang sabotages a group of young adults car by popping their tires, while they are on their way to Vegas. The group eventually winds up at the gang's motel. Norah seduces the group into buying more drinks, the males looking impressed by Norah's body. Gang then drugs their drinks and ties them up so they can participate in the game. After killing two of them, Norah actively participates in the third kill....forcing one of the victims to electrocute his girlfriend by electrocuting her in a tub. Norah stays with the boyfriend, who is tied up and helpless, and scoffs at him making fun of his deceased partner. Norah gets too cocky and loses her focus in her batter and the boyfriend headbutts her into the tub. The boyfriend then electrocutes her until blood begins to foam through her mouth.


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