The evil vampire queen, Nutragena

Nutragena (Musetta Vander) is a villainess from Son of the Beach, appearing in episode 3.08, "Hamm Stroker's Suck My Blood" (airdate August 6, 2002).

Nutragena is an evil, centuries old vampire queen, who was shown feeding off one of her victims back in 1521. She resurfaced in the present day and approached Noccus Johnstein (Notch Johnson's cousin), before turning him into a vampire. Nutragena's game plan:  acquire 40 people and make them vampires to maintain her immortality. With help from Noccus, Nutragena turns many of the beach's inhabitants, including Porcelain and Kimberlee, into vampires just like her and Noccus. Notch and Chip fight against Nutragena and her vampire army, with the battle ending with Notch killing Nutragena with a crossbow.

Musetta Vander has had considerable success being an evil character. She appeared in the 1994 TV series "Oblivion" as the henchwoman "Lash". In 1999 she appeared in the 1999 film, "Wild Wild West", in which she was the henchwoman, "Munitia".


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