Okie Annie 1 Batman
Okie Annie 
(Joan Staley) is a henchwoman in the 1960's crimefighting television show "Batman". She appeared in the two-part episode "Come Back Shame" and "It's How You Play the Game".

Okie Annie is part of "conniving cowboy of crime" Shame's gang. They start out by stealing various auto parts from a go kart, hot rod and racing car with intentions of building a vehicle that can go 300mph, and as such, outrun the Batmobile. Their next target is Bruce Wayne's limousine. Annie finds the millionaire and his ward in a French lingerie shop and poses as a helpful customer, with the added request that they give her a lift. On the way, however, Shame and his gang ambush Wayne and steal his vehicle; lacking the knowledge that a tracking device was implanted inside by it's owner.

Okie Annie 11 Batman
Batman and Robin follow the villains to their hideout, located at 
a bankrupt former movie studio called "Westernland". A brawl ensues between the men, while Annie steps aside to play cheerleader. Nevertheless, the villainess ends up turning the tides when she shoots her rifle up at the ceiling and brings a wooden chandelier crashing down onto the dynamic duo. Shame arranges for the incapacitated heroes to be killed by a stampede of cattle. 

Batman and Robin escape and deduce that Shame's primary goal is to steal four prized Black Angus cattle to sell to some "unscrupulous cattle ranchers". The villains succeed, but only temporarily, as the crimefighters manage to trail them to the K.O. Corral. Annie and the entirity of Shame's gang open fire, but a quick smokebomb from Batman soon leaves them with empty chambers. Finally, Commissioner Gordon shows up and has the gang arrested. 

Okie Annie 2 Batman

Robbing star racer Grimaldi Smith of his carburetor.

Okie Annie 3 Batman

Always had a feeling that Annie really likes Shame. I suppose we'll never know for sure.

Okie Annie 4 Batman

At least he's pretty cool with her aiming a loaded gun at his face during casual conversation.

Okie Annie 5 Batman

Charming Mr. Wayne...

Okie Annie 6 Batman

...and then making off with his wheels.

Okie Annie 7 Batman

Gleefully enjoying the brawl.

Okie Annie 8 Batman

"You gonna shoot 'em in cold blood, Shane?" Annie asks, excitedly.

Okie Annie 9 Batman

Motivating the cows to trample our heroes to death.

Okie Annie 10 Batman

Shane: Annie, keep your gun aimed on these folks and this time, aim to kill. Get it? Annie: Got it!

Okie Annie 12 Batman

Alright, this is it! It's pistol whipping time!

Okie Annie 13 Batman

Er, no thanks, I just need to borrow this hay for a second.

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