Olivia Burtis

Satanic villainess Olivia Burtis

Olivia Burtis (Kate Jackson) was the hidden main villainess from 2000's Satan's School For Girls remake (airdate March 13, 2000).

Olivia Burtis was the dean of the Fallbridge College for Girls, where Beth Hammersmith attended under the name Karen Oxford to find out the truth about her sister's death.

Olivia was the mentor for the witchcraft cult on campus known as "The Five", which had a plan for world domination.  The student leader of this group was Alison Kingsley (Julie Benz).

In the film's climax, Olivia turned heel and revealed herself the leader of a satanic cult of witches known as "The Five," which consisted of students at the college. Olivia also revealed that she was involved in killing Beth's parents and sister, with the plan to coerce Beth to join her cult.

Beth feigned acceptance to the evil cult before using her supernatural powers to take down the student members. Afterwards, the evil Olivia faced Beth herself, all the while arrogantly stating that she wasn't powerful enough to defeat her. However, Beth's power from killing The Five turned out to be strong enough to kill Olivia, as a bolt of lightning crashed through a window and destroyed her.

Trivia Edit

  • Kate Jackson appeared in the original 1973 film (of the same title) as hidden villainess Roberta Lockhart.



Olivia's demise