Patricia Ashland

The evil Patricia Ashland

Patricia Ashland (Olivia d'Abo) is the main villainess from the 2014 film, Presumed Dead in Paradise (airdate July 12, 2014).

Patricia is the widowed and estranged stepmother of the film's protagonist, Madison Ashland, who was set to inherit her father's vast fortune once she turns 18. However, Patricia was secretly planning to kill Madison and take her inheritance, and as part of her plan, she took Madison to a tropical vacation at St. Isabel, an island where she and her father often visited. Patricia enlisted her lover, Blake, to have Madison drown during a paddle board excursion. Madison barely survives, but it is at the beach house that she sees Patricia making out with Blake, marking Patricia's villainous reveal. 

Another part of Patricia's evil plan was hiring a young woman named Taylor--who appeared at the plane that Madison and Patricia flew in--and pass her off as Madison Ashland. Once she learned that Madison survived, the evil Patricia sent Blake to capture her. Madison managed to escape, but was eventually found and abducted by Blake. Patricia stated to Madison after her capture that all she wanted was to be closer to her stepdaughter, which was contrary to the actual truth--that Patricia sent her away to boarding school to get her out of the way, and moved her around often to keep her from making friends who would notice when she disappeared. Before leaving to join Taylor, Patricia slapped Madison before ordering Blake to kill her, but his reluctance allowed Madison to escape. When Patricia finds Blake, having been beaten up by Madison, she kills him by suffocating him.

In the final scenes, Patricia and Taylor appeared to collect on Madison's inheritance, only to find that it was in a lockbox that only the real Madison could open, because the key is the one on her necklace. Madison's appearance foiled Patricia's plan, and after Taylor confessed everything, both she and Patricia were arrested.


  • Olivia d'Abo has played several villainous roles, including (but not limited to) Dierdre in an episode of Psych, and Queen Tambria in the 2014 adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Olivia is most known for playing recurring villainess Nicole Wallace on Law and Order:  Criminal Intent.
  • Olivia would later go on to play villainess Milena in the 2015 Lifetime film Stolen From The Suburbs.


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