Patsy 1 Class of 1984
Patsy (Lisa Langlois) is a secondary antagonist in the 1982 crime drama film "Class of 1984".

Patsy is the girlfriend of the main antagonist, Peter Stegman, and is also an active member in his gang. The close-knit group of punks terrorize the students, and at times, faculty of Lincoln High, along with pushing drugs. Patsy, in particular, likes to scout out girls who are looking to join the gang, and then watch as they are raped by her male friends.

Andrew Norris, a newly arrived music teacher, finds himself the only one brave enough to stand up against the hoodlums. Tensions escalate quickly, however, and towards the film's climax, Patsy gleefully lures Andrew out after Peter and the others rape and kidnap his wife. Andrew manages to kill three of the youths, prompting Patsy to attempt to run him down in the school's auto garage. She misses, however, and in doing so, is killed when the impact causes another car to fall onto her and crush her.

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