Paula Anime Infobox
 was the second highest ranking female officer agent in the criminal band known as Baroque Works; codenamed Miss Doublefinger, she was partnered with Mr. 1.

After the group's dissolution, she works as the barmaid at the new Spiders Cafealongside most of her former colleagues.

Paula is a young, slim woman of average height with curly dark-blue hair, thick lips, dark green eyes, pale skin and a curvaceous figure. Her most striking feature is probably the over-exaggerated way she walks, describing hip swings that are often used to display a sexy woman.

Outside of Baroque Works, when first introduced in the Spiders Cafe, Paula is shown donning yellow crystal square glasses and a diamond-patterned bandanna that combines a variety of pink, turquoise, white and purple tones. She is also shown wearing a tank-top; purple in color, with pink embroideries drawn across it and green ornaments that resemble some kind of bushs representations. She wears dark brown low-riding pants, platform sandals, and has her long, dark blue hair tied back in a ponytail.

Later on, Paula is seen donning her most characteristic outfit; revealing and dark brown in color, this outfit mainly consists of a short long-sleeved jacket with beige colored fur brims, a bikini top describing an unusual spider web-like pattern across her abdominal area, low-riding pants, and platform sandals. She is sometimes seen smoking from a long whitish pipe.


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