Paula Stronin

The evil Paula Stronin

Paula Stronin (Venus Terzo) is the true main villainess from the 2011 film, Gone. She is a corrupt state health commissioner who masterminded the theft of a flu vaccine, with plans to sell to the black market. Along with the theft, the evil Paula also was behind the murder-for-hire plot on Ed Borden, a journalist who was investigating the theft. The plot involved the kidnapping of Emily Kettering, the young daughter of main protagonist Amy Kettering.

Paula's reveal came when Amy entered her home, where Emily was held captive, and pleaded with her to help find her. Amy was taken down to the cellar with fellow conspirators Duncan Hall (Paula's advisor) and Liz Cook (a corrupt cop). Though Emily was not found, Paula scolded Hall for bringing her to her home, marking her villainous reveal. However, after reminding Paula about her role in the plot, the villainess left her co-horts to handle Amy. After Hall was killed by Amy and Emily was rescued, Paula was shown on TV being arrested for her crimes.


  • Venus Terzo has played several villainous roles, including Sonja in an episode of Supernatural, and Valeria Crossley in an episode of Psych.
  • Venus Terzo also appeared as the evil Susan Jennings in 2006's Circle of Friends.


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