Penny Lent is a Cheerleader and a henchwoman/henchwomen that has the power to make duplicate copies of herself in the Disney Movie Sky High. She is played by twin sisters Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

Role Edit

Penny is best friends with Queen Bee Gwen Grayson at a high school for super powered beings. Because of her ability to make duplicates of herself, she is also the school's entire cheerleader team.

Penny with Gwen

When Gwen reveals herself to be the villain Royal Pain, Penny joins her in a bid to take over the school and turn everyone into babies. In the climax of the movie, she makes numerous copies of herself and fights the hero's love interest, Layla, a young woman with the power to control plant life.

Fate Edit

During the final fight, Penny and her clones show promising fighting skills using her cheerleading skills to flip around her advisory, as well as take advantage of her numerical advantage.

She however proves no math for the young heroine, as Layla quickly summons trees and plants to tie up Penny and her clones, leaving them suspended in the air, struggling with their binds. We last see Penny and her cohorts in detention/prison.