Penny Williams

Vengeful villainess Penny Williams

Penny Williams (Nishi Munshi) is the main villainess from Rosewood episode 2.02, "Secrets and Silent Killers" (airdate September 29, 2016).

Penny Williams is the wife of Andy Williams, who was revealed to be Connor Barth, a scam artist who ran a Ponzi scheme. In another revelation, Penny actually knew about Connor, due to the fact that her stepfather was one of his victims, and it resulted in his suicide. Penny sought revenge and hunted for Connor, who changed his name to Andy Williams. After finding him, Penny married the renamed Andy, and later killed him; making his death look like a fatal drug overdose.

Revenge was only part of Penny's villainous motive, as it was later revealed that she was attempting to find the money that Connor had taken in his schemes; money she believe she was entitled to. Penny was arrested for murder, but not before stating that Connor got what he deserved.

Trivia Edit

  • Penny Williams was the first one-shot villainess from the second season of Rosewood.

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