The pickpocket

This unnamed female Pickpocket is a villainess from episode 9 of the anime Kochikame (こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所) or (こち亀).

She attends a sumo show to steal wallets and purses from a lot of the crowd in attendance.

During the event she sees police approaching her and fears they are on to her, so she plants a wallet into the pocket of one of the show's heroes.

The hero finds the wallet in his pocket later and produces it in front of the wallet's owner, who thinks the hero has stolen it from him. The police end up chasing the hero through the hallways of the arena, and the hero realises that the woman must have planted it on him.

He finds her again later as she's stealing from an old woman and chases her through the halls. The pickpocket flees but then turns quickly and kicks the hero in the face, knocking him down. But the hero is relentless and chases after her again and tackles her to the ground from behind, with the police still after him, thinking he is the suspect.

The police pull the hero off the pickpocket, but the old woman from earlier recognises the woman as the person who stole from her and informs the police. A man overhears all of this and grabs the pickpocket, where they find stolen items on her. She is then arrested by the police.


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