Princess Lee Wan-erh (Feng Hsu) is a villainess from the movie The Fate of Lee Khan.

She escorts the great warlord Lee Khan, and helps him to unmask traitors. They come to a remote inn, to spend the night, but several rebels infiltrated the place, to set a trap for him. When a group of bandits is captured, Lee Khan asks for her advice on how should the prisoners be treated, and her answer is simply : "cut their heads, all of them".

Soon, the conspirators are unmasked, and after a big kung-fu showoff, the princess is captured, and presented bound and gagged to her boss. In the battle that ensues, she gets free and starts kicking some ass, even killing Angela Mao's character, but soon, one of the rebels throws an arrow in her back, ending her villainy.

1fate of lee khan1 (2)


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