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Qiu is the female leader of the Christmas gang in the film "Taxi 3" . She is played by the Chinese actress Bai Ling.

At beginning of the film she seduce the police chef of the film with all her shame and beauty. She gave herself first as a journalist.

Later in the film, she seduces the antagonist and puts a cloth on the head that he does not see anything. While transferring qui data to a device from the computer of the commisar.

Then she is again to be seen when she tortures Emily with oral sex and takes him away from his mobile phone with which she called another member of the Christmas gang.

After she steals a police car, she drove to a meeting point, while the hero was followed by the film. She then wanted to kill Emilia with a falling ball. Emily was still saved.

Qui drove away but before. She tries to get through the snow with her gang to a helicopter with which she can flee. But there she was caught by the police.

Trivia Edit

  • Bai Ling appeared as Myca in the 1994 fantasy movie "The Crow".
  • Bai Ling appeared as Miss East from the 1999 film, "Wild Wild West".