Queen Badh 1 Stormlord

Appearance in the first game

Queen Badh
 is the main antagonist of the 1989 side-scrolling action game "Stormlord" by developer Razorsoft, as well as its 1990 sequel "Deliverance: Stormlord II".

She kidnaps all of the fairies so that she can rule over the enchanted world of the Realm. She is not able to be battled in the first game, but can be in most versions of the second.

Queen Badh 6 Stormlord

Statue of Badh in the Macintosh game...

Queen Badh 2 Stormlord

Amstrad CPC sprite

Queen Badh 3 Stormlord

ZX Spectrum sprite

Queen Badh 4 Stormlord

C64 sprite

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