Queen Bera
(Anouk Aimée) is the primary villainess of the 1962 biblical epic film "The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah".

The ruler of Sodom, Bera tortures slaves for her own entertainment and pleasure. Her brother Astorath wishes to overthrow her, and sends a slave named Tamar to the Elam king for help in doing this. The slave girl is captured however, and Bera has her executed by forcing a blind man wearing a breastplate of spikes to press against her. Because Tamar did not provide the information she demanded, she has the slave's two young sisters murdered as well.

She later meets with Lot, the leader of the Hebrews, attempting to recruit both him and his men as soldiers to fight against her enemies. He accepts, after a little negotiation, but soon feels that his people are being used and grows disgusted by her cruel ways. Lot eventually ends up killing Astorath in a duel to the death after discovering that he had raped both of his daughters. It is a spectacle which Bera not only greatly enjoys watching, but gives the very outcome that she'd hoped for.

"How delicious to cause death. To see life leaking out of a body, and to think: I did this!" she remarks. "Next only to the pleasure of giving death... is the excitement of watching it!"

Feeling great regret for having taken a life, Lot sentences himself to prison. Meanwhile, outside, Bera indulges in a sadistic display of slaves spun around on a giant wheel and tortured to death with fire. Lot then receives a spiritual warning that Sodom and Gomorrah will be eliminated by God very shortly. He escapes, rescuing both his people and the slaves from this fate. The sodomites, however, are destroyed, with Bera herself crushed by falling debris.


After learning that the male slave she is forcing to be an executioner is also blind...


...and admiring the spikes that have been placed on his inventive armor.


Attending the branding of her new slaves...


...and taking a stroll out into the desert to meet Lot.


Congratulating Lot for murdering her brother.


Ceasing the torture session, stating: "They're dead. The entertainment has ended."


Abandoned by the last of her faithful servants.


The end comes.

Video clip of the Queen's demise:

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