Smedes 1
Queen Smedes
(Chelo Alonso) is the primary antagonist of the 1960 adventure drama film "Maciste nella valle dei Re" (aka. "Son of Samson"). A Persian ruler, she has women abducted and sells them as slaves. When her husband, the pharoah, finds out what she has been doing behind his back and reprimands her for her behavior, she has him secretly killed. She then controls the new successor's mind using an evil necklace.

Maciste, the son of Samson, unites people to rise up against her tyranny. Once surrounded, she has the last laugh (literally), boasting that they will never execute her, and then throws herself to the crocodile pit in her secret chamber.

Smedes 2

Glancing over, stealthily giving the signal to the assassin...

Smedes 3

Encouraging the new pharaoh to schedule the marriage quickly...

Smedes 4

Commanding her right hand to hunt down the man called Maciste.

Smedes 5

Smedes 6

She wears many outfits throughout the film.

Smedes 8

Attempting to seduce our hero.

Smedes 7
Smedes 9

Moments before her death, laughing: "You won't put me to the fire!"

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