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SarahDouglas Conan 0

Sarah Douglas as Queen Taramis

Taramis (Sarah Douglas), the Evil Queen of Shadizar plans to resurrect Dagoth, the Dreaming God, of whom she herself is a follower. She bribes Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to assist her young niece in stealing the missing Horn of Dagoth, which she will then use to revive the statue of the god (after sacrificing her own niece).

SarahDouglas Conan 1

The Queen drives a hard bargain.

SarahDouglas Conan 3b

Sarah Douglas in one of her fantastic costumes.

SarahDouglas Conan 2

She knows how to slip a "mickey".

SarahDouglas Conan 6

You can't say the Queen isn't "horny".

SarahDouglas Conan 4

Sex scene with Conan and Taramis that was deleted to get a PG rating.

SarahDouglas Conan 5

Her pretty niece doesn't want to be sacrificed!

SarahDouglas Conan 7

Unfortunately for Taramis, the blood on Dagoth's horn is HERS!

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