The boss, featured on the game's cover.

The RRR Gang Leader is the primary antagonist of the 1985 interactive movie arcade game "Road Blaster" (ロードブラスター) , also known as "Road Avenger" and "Road Prosecutor".

The unnamed boss of the violent biker gang RRR*, she kills the wife of an SCP cop on their wedding day, in an attempt to murder the man (player protagonist) himself. When he finally catches up to her at the end of the game, she makes a second attempt on his life, firing guns from her vehicle. She loses the chicken match with the hero however, and is killed when her car flips over and explodes.  

  • S.C.U.M. in the Sega CD version.

Shocked to see that the hero has escaped death yet again.


If you want something done right...


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